What is Energy Efficiency Ratio?

feature-1An Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is the proportion of the cooling limit of an air conditioner in British Thermal Units (BTU) every hour, to the total electrical information in watts under certain predefined tests. Air conditioner EER ratings higher than 10 are viewed as most financially effective. The higher the ratio, the less the unit will cost to work. Air conditioners that have been tried have Energy Efficiency Ratios and are affirmed by the Association of Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM). These units will generally list their EER ratio in their item features. Read More →

What is an Industrial automation system?

feature-3Industrial Control System or ICS is the umbrella term for different types of control system which are being used in electrical, Oil, data and other resources. This system has evolved over the decades. Read More →

The importance of Appliance and Equipment Standard Program

feature-2Appliance and Equipment program is a system that provides listed categories on major requirements of electrical consumption and energy conservation of major appliances and equipments plus the quality needed as again the prices required. Read More →