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Review of the DJI Phantom 3 – Drone with 4k Camera


There’s no sense in denying, but drones can offer us a genuinely exhilarating experience along with myriad benefits. The typical feature set of drones today is astounding and keeps on improving. The DJI Phantom 3 features notable upswings from its predecessor Phantom 2. DJI Phantom delivers brilliant full HD Video feed and has convenient safety features that will allow novice users to get flying fast. More importantly, a slew of auxiliary features such as new sensors and added satellite navigation makes outdoor and indoor flying a much easier experience as when compared to its predecessors. The following is a definitive Review of the DJI Phantom 3.


Safety and Battery Guidelinesx1. Power Cable x1. Gimbal Clamp x1. Vibration Absorbers x4. 16GB Micro-SD Card x1. Remote Control x1. Propeller Pairs x4. Intelligent Flight Battery x1. Battery Charger x1. Propeller Wrench x1. Micro-USB Cable x1. Anti-drop Kit x2. Landing Pads x4.

Features and Cpabilities

  1. Primary controller- the primary controller handles the all the in-flight data and is then forwarded to the processor of the computerized flight control system. Additionally, it collects data from the whole system, which can include GPS Location, Motor Speed, information from data sensors and a variety of your command inputs.
  2. GPS Navigation- the multi-rotor system in the Phantom 3 relies on a complex GPS navigation system that can offer splendid flight stability. Although a manual operation of the drone is feasible, photo enthusiasts hoping to get the clearest shots will opt for the GPS assisted modes.
  3. Electronic Speed Controllers(ESCS)- The ESC handles relaying focal motor speed data to the primary controller and also sending commands to the motors based on the input from the user. This constant form of communication is essential for maintaining stable flight and also helps you achieve superior flight movement including rapid acceleration and gentle pans.
  4. Vision Positioning System- the Vision Positioning System manipulates a specially engineered camera along with sonic waves to provide optimum stability when indoors or when in small spaces. This high-end technology enables the DJI Phantom 3 to maintain its position, swiftly respond to pilot commands and stop when the controls are released.
  5. Auto take off/Landing and Return Home- using the DJI pilot app, the Phantom 3 can activate its motors and elevate to the desired height level. It then hovers at the pre-set height, motionless unless movement commands are relayed to it. More so, the GPS allows this Drone to recall where it started its flight path. Additionally, if the battery starts running low or if the drone loses its flight path, the drone will rise to 60 feet, and then take on a straight flight tangent path home.
  6. High-Quality Camera- the drone camera system has a video recording ability of 1080p and can also take DNG RAW and JPEG Photos as well. The camera is mounted on embedded 3-axis gimbal that offers stabilization along with tilt and pan control. Any recorded data is then stored on a MicroSD Card. And with a 94 degrees angle lens, users of this drone are assured of clear and crisp video feed
  7. Android and Ios App- the app allows users to have full camera control along with live monitoring feed. Furthermore also allows for flight simulation and In-App editing of any captured feeds.
  8. Superior Battery Power- the rechargeable battery has intelligent battery capability such that user can now conveniently keep track of battery usage.




Overall, the DJI Phantom 3 is simple to operate and offers stellar image quality, making it one of the best ways to get high-quality aerial viewing. Aside from that, it is simple to set up and astoundingly easy to fly, making it an ideal choice for novice users. It has notably improved image quality, and the addition of advanced flight controls easily qualify it as a lumbering dinosaur in the drone arena.

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